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Mississippi Music

  • Ron Etheridge
    Ron Etheridge
  • Adrian Dickey - Photograph by Newt Rayburn © 2013 The Local Voice
    Adrian Dickey
  • Duff Dorrough & Carl Massengale
  • Carl Massengale
  • Holy Ghost Electric Show Photograph by Rebecca Long © 2014 The Local Voice
    Holy Ghost Electric Show
  • The Holy Rollers
  • Self-Titled Cd
    The Holy Rollers
  • The Cooters
    The Cooters
  • Sleeping Bulls
    Sleeping Bulls
  • Sleeping Bulls


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  • Love me some Mr. L. C. !

    Kevin Green, Some Link
  • Why did the Taylor Grocery Band disappear?? That live catfish music was so sweet!

    Leigh Parker, Some Link
  • Always loved the Taylor Grocery Band! Thanks for making their music available.

    Mary Ewing, Some Link
  • Great Christmas gifts from a variety of MS artists. Thanks for helping me fill in some gaps.

    Barbara Castleberry, Some Link
  • Thanks for releasing great music!

    David Jacobson, Some Link


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